Open Ebooks Announces Compatibility with Clever

openebookslogo-300x279Open Ebooks, the non-governmental ebooks program whose app gives in-need youth unlimited access to its titles, announced today that it is now compatible with Clever, a secure educational login platform.

The move is designed to make it easier for educators to help children use the Open Ebooks program, and to increase access to even more students.

Nearly 25,000 schools currently using Clever are eligible for the program, which is available to formal and informal educators serving children in need. Clever will also make it possible for any district to sign up for its services at no cost in order to use Open Ebooks.

Launched in February of this year, Open Ebooks is part of the White House’s ConnectED initiative, which aims to jumpstart learning technology in K-12 schools.

The program is a partnership between the New York Public Library, Digital Public Libraries of America, and First Book, and is made possible by contributions from Baker & Taylor and participating publishers.

Author: Daniel Berkowitz
Twitter: @DanJBerkowitz


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