Readers, ebooks: digital reading offers to Christmas

liseuse-ebooks-la-lecture-numerique-s-offre-a-noel-1_5733991.jpgFavorite holiday, the book continues to make happy every new Eve. And if this year you change the reading habits of your loved ones by opting for a slightly more … Digital gift: a reading light. Which one to choose ? What are the ebooks of the moment? They tell you everything!

Tick-tock, tick-tock … the clock is ticking and you despair at the thought of seeing only chocolates at the foot of your tree. Rather than fall back on a default gift, how about surprising companion and children with digital reading light!

And Kobo eReader created the perfect …

Conceived and designed with the help of avid readers, it is not too much you advise the Kobo Aura ONE.

This new gem is equipped with a screen of 7.8 ”, a little larger, but also more clear, for unparalleled reading fluency. The automatic lighting, even better, perfectly adapts to any hour of the day depending on the natural light. And because you love to read books at night, ComfortLight PRO technology accompanies you through the pages without dazzle without affecting your sleep (or your spouse). In the long list of innovations such as 50 sizes and 11 different types of fonts comes with the Aura ONE, is added the ability to store ebooks 6000, no less! The “Water” readers, novels lovers at the beach, at the pool or a bath, enjoy easy sealing up to 2 meters for 60 minutes and their new eReader.

Price aside, and for those who have not planned to spend € 230 in the new Aura ONE, know that Kobo also offers four-readers from 89 €.

Ebooks can not miss

Have a reading light is good. It is filled with books, is better! So to all fans of SF teens, this message is for you: do not wait to devour the hyper-realistic story of Andy Weir, The Martian! For fans of Game of Throne series, it’s time to dive into the work of its creator, George RR Martin: The Complete 1 of Thrones. register change with the bestseller Jojo Moyes, before you and after you, two unavoidable for sentimental sister bad romance. And sir? A thriller of course! Our three favorites should help you see more clearly: The Tamer of lions, Camilla Läckberg, a master of noir, Crime was signed by Lionel Olivier, and The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins, adapted to cinema in 2016.

And thanks to the Kobo by Fnac card, on sale from 10 €, give your loved ones their favorite books from a selection of 3 million downloadable ebooks on Happy e-reading!

Digital News: Did you know that there are ebooks to 0 €? Fnac and Kobo offer downloadable digital books for free! And for fans of the Devil Wears Prada, do not miss the new novel by Lauren Weisberger, The art and how to conclude in beauty. On this occasion, discover Love is in the trek, the new novel from the author.

Author: Publi-rédactionnel
Twitter: @Kobo_Fr


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