AMY Regional Libraries unveil ebook lending program

5829d20f270f5-imageFor the avid readers of Avery County, there is no better place to go than Morrison Library. With rows upon rows of books, from the classics up through today’s best sellers, the library literally contains tons of human knowledge and expression.

While there is still something special about the weight of a book in hand (not to mention their irresistible smell), the Avery Mitchell Yancey Regional Library recently announced a new program sure to delight bibliophiles and technophiles of all ages.

5829d20ee34cf.image.jpgAs a member library of the e-iNC library program, AMY Libraries are now able to offer their patrons a new way to access to a wealth of books, periodicals and audiobooks, all from the convenience of their computer, tablet or smartphone.

To log into the system, one can download the Overdrive app on their tablet or smartphone or click to on their computer. After entering their library card number, followed by the pin “AMYRL,” library patrons can browse and select up to four titles and three periodicals to check out at one time.

While ebooks will remain available for 14 days, audio books and periodicals will remain on the user’s device for seven days. At the end of the rental period, items will be automatically returned, saving both a trip to the library and fees for overdue library books.

For more information on this new program, visit or call Morrison Library at (828) 733-9393.

Author: Matt Debnam
Twitter: @matt_debnam_AJT


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