J K Rowling sends Harry Potter eBooks to a girl in war-torn Syria


Seven-year-old Bana received Harry Potter eBooks from the author  and was touched and delighted. (Source: Bana Alabed/ Twitter, AP)

The kind gesture has touched many people on the Internet and Twitterati have been lauding the author.

Talk about Syria, and only grim photos, videos and news of atrocities comes to our mind. The bombing of eastern Aleppo into oblivion have led us to doubt humanity. But a small gesture by celebrated author J K Rowling helped us regain our faith in goodness and compassion and also managed to bring a smile to a seven-year-old girl’s face.

Bana Aladeb and her family have been caught amid air-strikes and bombardments in eastern Aleppo and to divert their mind from the gruesomeness of war, her mother, Fatima Aladeb, showed her and her siblings a few Harry Potter films, which they loved.

She also took to Twitter to share it with author J K Rowling, adding that Bana would love to read the books. But stuck in a war-torn country, it was quite impossible for them to get hold of it.

The author was really touched by Aladeb’s tweet and sent her love to Bana, adding she hopes the girl gets to read the book. As Twitterati tried to come up with a solution as to how to reach out to this young one and send the books across to her, Rowling’s agent intervened and suggested that e-books could be sent across.

Finally, after many hurdles of ‘clogged and low internet signals’ the e-books reached Aleppo and the little girl was delighted. She even posted a hand-written ‘Thank You’ note for Rowling.


People on the Internet were extremely touched by this small yet significant gesture by the author and her agent. They showered blessings on the girl and her family too, praying for their safety amid attacks in the country.


Later Bana shared a video informing the author that she has been reading the books and also, posted photos with her brothers enjoying some Potter fun.

In response, Rowling shared Bana’s video and said she was very happy to see the children smile.

What do you think about this gesture, tell us in comments below.

Author: Lifestyle Desk
Twitter: @indianexpress
Source: http://indianexpress.com


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