‘Open eBooks’ app gives West Tenn. students access to free books

Screen-Shot-2017-02-03-at-6.11.10-PM-1.pngFor educators, the literacy of our students in West Tennessee is a top priority. WLJT, the PBS affiliate for West Tennessee, is working as a liaison for the nonprofit First Book, giving children access to free books.

“So it’s almost like a library system,” WLJT Manager of Education and Community Development Sabrina Bates said. “They’ll check out the books. Once they’re finished reading, they can check them back in and then download more.”

With just a quick download of the “Open eBooks” app on any smartphone or tablet, families can access a digital public library. Bates has provided access codes for the app to thousands of educators, day cares and after-school programs across 16 counties in West Tennessee.

“This is one effort to make sure that children have access to something that doesn’t put the family out. It’s free,” Bates said.

To get an access code for your device, email Sabrina at sbates@wljt.org.

The app has thousands of titles separated by grade level and genre. Students can download 10 books at a time for up to eight weeks at a time — all for free.

Although some West Tennesseans may not have the technology to access these free eBooks, WLJT is still committed to getting traditional books into households. All you have to do is ask.
Screen-Shot-2017-02-03-at-6.10.53-PM.png“We want to work with those families to get them a collection of books geared specifically to their age range and work with them so they can become proficient in reading, especially families here in rural West Tennessee,” Bates said. “That way you don’t have to pay to learn.”

The goal of the Open eBooks app is to reach as many people as possible, using technology to spread the importance of reading. Some titles are also in Spanish.

Author: Amber Hughes
Twitter: @wbbj7amber
Source: http://bladenjournal.com


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