People still love reading paperback books!

57409586.jpgThe advantages of reading an ebook can be many and it could be in sync with your digital habits but people still prefer ‘paperbacks’ when it comes to reading a book. And we have proof!

TOIBooks recently conducted a Twitter poll and asked its readers to choose their reading preferences between an ebook, a reading app or a paperback. 82 percent people voted for paperbacks, 15 percent preferred ebooks and 3 percent preferred a reading app. This interesting trend signifies that we still believe in the power of touch. The feeling of holding a book and turning the pages is something that can never be done with an ebook or a reading app.

The advantages and disadvantages of a paperback versus an ebook have been discussed over and over again. Even though ebooks are comfortable and hassle free, several studies suggest that reading on paper is better for memory retention and focus. Plus, there is the nostalgia factor too. People love to own books and giving them a personal touch by writing name and date has been a centuries old habit.

According to a report by Goodereader, in 2016, paperback market grew 7.5 percent and ebook saw a drip of 18.7 percent in America. It reaffirms that print books will not die.

Another interesting trend that came up in this poll was the growing preference of reading apps. The trend of reading apps is catching up fast with the increased usage of smartphones and other smart devices. Push notifications, digital shelves, quick connect with the authors and curated collections are few features in a reading app that are bound to make you an addict.

So, whether you want to deep dive into the world of stories by turning pages or through increased screen time, books, in any form, will always be a gift you can open again and again!

Author: Times of India Team
Twitter: @timesofindia


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