FlipBuilder Announces a Flip Book eBook Creator for Free Download

flippingbuilderpro-banner111.jpgFlipBuilder has announced the release of the latest version of flip book eBook creator called Flip PDF Professional for Windows and Mac. This latest version of the flip book eBook creator can allow people to create their own flip book from PDF with simple and easy steps. Windows and Mac users can download and install the flip book eBook creator free from FlipBuilder.com and experience the endless possibilities of creativity on this software that is going to be a revolution in the world of digital publications and like other applications from FlipBuilder, it will make millions of lives easy.

‘With this software, users will be able to make interactive flip books and engage their audiences like never before. Said Alan Chen, the designer of FlipBuilder. ‘The most amazing features in the world of digital publishing will bring life to the eBooks converted from PDF and will give the readers an ultimate reading experience. Alan added while talking about the software. The software is recommended for everyone regardless of their age group or computer skill level and that is what makes all the products of FlipBuilder loved by the individuals and publishers alike.

With this software, users will be able to add vivid rich media including flash animations and that is another feature making it unique. The application works on all the platform including mobile devices and this again makes it more acceptable and usable on the go. iOS, Android and Windows platform are supported and alongside eBooks, users can create brochures, magazines, catalogues, annual reports and much more in style and ease.

Another remarkable feature of this software is the possibilities that come with the output of any creation. Users can create a file and produce its final version in several formats including .zip, .exe, .html or email it directly to the receiver. Other standard features of FlipBuilder applications including logo adding, audio adding, video adding, page flipping and social sharing etc. come standard with the software. This flip book eBook creator is available at http://www.flipbuilder.com/.

Author: MENAFN Editorial
Twitter: @menafn
Source: http://menafn.com


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