HarperCollins fights back in ebook case

harper-collins-logo.jpgHarperCollins is asking the Competition Tribunal to dismiss an application filed by the Competition Bureau alleging the book publisher is engaged in anti-competitive behaviour.

The Competition Bureau filed the motion in late January after HarperCollins did not sign an agreement with the bureau that would permit retailers to sell the ebooks they publish at a discount, while three other major publishers did.

The bureau alleges an agreement between HarperCollins and ebook retailers is anti-competitive and continues to lead to higher prices for Canadians.

HarperCollins says no such agreement exists, but even if it did, the tribunal would not have the jurisdiction to prohibit it.

Author: The Canadian Press
Twitter: @wavecolville
Source: http://www.thecanadianpress.com


One thought on “HarperCollins fights back in ebook case

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