New W. Va. Library service makes local authors’ eBooks accessible Nationwide


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The West Virginia Library Commission is announcing a new service, SELF-e – which gives local authors a platform to make their eBooks available to libraries across West Virginia and the U.S..

To access the service, authors may submit their works to the WVLC, who adds them to the Commission’s West Virginia Collection, a database of books provided to library patrons by the State Library.

Once the eBooks are added to the West Virginia Collection, they are then automatically reviewed by the Library Journal for inclusion in the journal’s SELF-e Select database. SELF-e Select is available to public libraries across the United States.

Heather Campbell-Schock, State Library Services Director, says, “West Virginia authors have rich stories and histories to tell. It is wonderful to be able to provide this service to the writers of the state.”

Authors may find more information about the SELF-e program and can submit their eBooks at

To read submitted eBooks, state library patrons may visit

A WVLC library card is needed to access the library’s eBook database. To request a library card, visit the West Virginia State Library in the Culture Center in Charleston, W. Va., or send your name, address, phone number and email address to State Library Services at

Author: Loyd Price
Twitter: @wtaptelevision


2 thoughts on “New W. Va. Library service makes local authors’ eBooks accessible Nationwide

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  2. Dr. Dial – Thanks for your comment – my hope is to become a strnoger writer through the blog. My students have really taken the blogs and made them their own, I just have to keep up with them. – Tia


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