Young readers ditch eBooks

229965_54_news_hub_192263_656x500.jpegNew figures show that readers are migrating away from eBooks and that physical sales are on the rise again.

More than 360 million books were sold in the UK last year – that’s 2% more than 2015.

While the amount spent by readers increased by 6% – passing the £100m (€115m) mark.

Nielsen data, quoted in The Guardian found that electronic books sales fell by 4% as readers put down their Kindles and iPhones and returned to traditional books.

This was the second year in a row in which electronic sales have fallen.

Sales through brick and mortar shops increased by 7%.

The report notes that this comes as sales of books aimed at young people have increased – surprisingly these titles have been particularly popular in their physical forms as these digital natives take a break from their devices.

“We are seeing that books are a respite, particularly for young people who are so busy digitally,” Steve Bohme, research director at Nielsen Book Research UK said.

“Over the last few years we have seen a return to favouring print, partly from what is really successful, this year being non-fiction and children’s books,” he continued, adding that a spike in demand for adult colouring books has also contributed to this shift.

Down to Business recently sat down with a panel of independent Irish booksellers – they reported that their sales have been experiencing steady year-on-year increases.

Author: Joseph Conroy
Twitter: @josephconroy


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